Problem Statement

Modern social media platforms, despite their global reach and ubiquity, are plagued by a series of systemic issues that compromise user satisfaction and threaten the sustainability of the creator ecosystem. These platforms have faced significant criticism for issues including, but not limited to:

  1. Data Privacy Breaches: Users frequently face risks regarding their personal data, which can be exploited due to weak security measures or used for profit without their explicit consent.

  2. Centralization of Control: A small number of large companies exert extensive control over what content is seen by whom, often influenced by opaque algorithms and commercial interests, which can stifle diverse voices and restrict genuine user engagement.

  3. Inadequate Monetization for Creators: Despite relying heavily on content creators, most social media platforms offer insufficient and inconsistent revenue-sharing models, making it challenging for creators to earn a sustainable income.

  4. Algorithm-Driven Content Curation: The reliance on algorithms to curate and recommend content can lead to the amplification of sensationalist, extremist, or misleading content, which undermines the quality of discourse and information.

Zizle recognizes these challenges as opportunities to reinvent the social media model, prioritizing user and creator empowerment, privacy, and a shift towards a more engaging and respectful online discourse.