Phase 2: Hybrid Architecture for Efficiency and Decentralized Identity

Objective: Transition to a hybrid model by integrating key Web3 technologies with existing Web2 functionalities for enhanced control and security.

Key Activities

On-chain Account Creation

  • Deploy the 'Id Registry' smart contract to create decentralized Zizle accounts, assigning a unique Zizle ID linked to the user’s Solana address.
  • Utilize Solana Blockchain for the verification of user accounts and transaction processing.

Username Management via Solana Name Services (SNS)

  • Integrate with Solana Name Services to manage user identities, allowing users to select and register usernames (e.g., @xyz.zizle) controlled directly from their wallets.
  • Provide users with complete ownership of their accounts through decentralized username control.

Dynamic On-chain Storage for Content

  • Implement the 'Storage Registry' smart contract to manage on-chain storage allocations for user content, such as text, images, and videos.
  • Sponsor storage for the initial 10,000 messages per account, with automated deletion of the oldest messages once this limit is exceeded to maintain storage efficiency.
  • Offer users the option to purchase additional storage capacity using ZIZLE Tokens to accommodate greater message volumes.

Hybrid Data Management

  • Keep user identities and critical actions on the blockchain to maximize security and consistency.
  • Manage non-critical data off-chain to optimize performance and cost-efficiency, ensuring a scalable hybrid infrastructure.

Security and Decentralization

  • Advanced security protocols will be employed, leveraging blockchain technology to safeguard user data and enhance transaction security.
  • Promote user autonomy by facilitating control over personal data and account settings through decentralized governance mechanisms.

Goal: By the end of Phase 2, Zizle aims to establish a secure and user-empowered platform, facilitating a balance between the efficiency of Web2 functionalities and the security benefits of Web3 technologies. Moreover, phase 2 will lay the groundwork for tradable user profiles (or Profile Equity).