Phase 1: Web2 Foundation

Objective: Establish a solid Web2 foundation to ensure rapid deployment and user acquisition.

Key Activities

Launch of Web2 Application

  • Release a comprehensive Web2 version of the Zizle app.
  • Focus on providing a rich user experience with integrated community-driven social networking functionalities.
  • Design an intuitive and engaging user interface for easy onboarding and interaction. In

Creation and Integration of Blockchain Wallet

  • Develop a secure blockchain-based wallet within the app.
  • Enable users to manage digital assets and prepare for future token functionalities.
  • Ensure hassle-free integration of the wallet with the existing Web2 infrastructure.

Security and Performance

  • Implement standard security protocols to protect user data and maintain platform integrity.
  • Utilize centralized data management for fast and reliable performance.

Goal: Lay the groundwork for a user-centric platform while setting the stage for future blockchain integrations.